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helps on the floor to pull along to possess together lengthy long dirt. Skid on the floor of period, Yu Zhi influx the Zuo assist double the actual sword seriously put on the floor, steady resided a bodyBody. At the moment Yu Zhi influx the Zuo assist front aspect to towards Yu Zhi influx You, Yu Zhi influx the Zuo assist immediately lawn the actual sword get back a waistline, the sword from the rest magic absolute becoming puts within ground upward, immediately after"son-noon- shen- noon-Mao ……" a number of Zuos helps you to complete in a single breath, Yu Zhi influx the Zuo assists of create an eye in of say goodbye jade additionally high pace revolve, Yu Zhi influx the Additionally you die in order to deadly look at Yu Zhi influx the Zuo assist. Yu Zhi influx the Zuo assist of clasping of correct hand lifeless dead remaining hand, numerous thunders fasten to check on carat to influx the A person cough blood to express. "……The 7th people ……, also an individual has kaleidoscope to create an attention ……who is actually he just about all exactly? "Yu Zhi influx the Zuo assistance to ask a means, moreover a number of is that Yu Zhi influx the Zuo assistance to Cheap Pandora Beads

have currently known, the actual round within five representation on seas Hao sapling, fog hidden village the actual dark division is within the minister circular madder, the actual round within his relative Long Yi, he or she the oldest brother Yu Zhi influx ever drinking water, the influx of Yu Zhi aqueous folk brother Yu Zhi the actual wave consider soil and possess his folk brother Yu Zhi influx You! Yu Zhi influx the A person shut eye, nerveless slim on within depending the back, fragile of state, "why ……so treatment this issue? " "After a person, I wish to kill him and it is this!! holding the actual sword, toss thousand chicken Shis in order to back. "At existing my eye and prior to already significant difference!! My write a watch can look out of magic! You match up against cousin poor far! "Because chop up rough Yu Zhi influx the Zuo assist an 1 punch hitting to planet's surface, eye also increase thrombus. "Ha ' ……this vocabulary of expression end up like you comparable, still so from the love swagger about, you're this phrases ……I obtain first! inch "Small inexpensive trick, also needs to play regarding till right now!!! "Yu Zhi influx the Zuo assistance to toward following death truthful and type, originally Yu Zhi influx Zuo's helping has found Yu Zhi influx the magic from the You, he flings from thousand chicken Shis tend to be certain however hair, put the actual Yu Zhi from the sword associated with grass influx the You inside a twinkling

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